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Effective October 1, 2016, Pharmacy Benefit Manager OptumRX only accepts billed claims for medications purchased from a Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD). Furthermore, the VAWD accreditation are required by these seven states – Indiana, North Dakota, Maryland, South Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

To become VAWD-accredited and display the VAWD Seal, facilities must undergo a criteria compliance review, which includes: a rigorous review of their operating policies and procedures; licensure verification; a survey of a facility’s operations; and screening through the NABP Clearinghouse. Without the VAWD accreditation, your business with customers in the OptumRX network and commerce with the above states are at risk.


Developing SOPs and submission can take months. With new regulations such as the FDA’s DSCSA, requirements are constantly changing. LSPediA’s VAWD Solution consists of master templates and comprehensive SOPs that meet the VAWD requirements. The VAWD Solution includes:

  • VAWD checklist
  • VAWD application cover letter
  • VAWD accredited SOPs (70+ pages)
  • VAWD submission document (20+ pages)

In addition, LSPediA performs a gap analysis based on the 250 NABP requirement , develops the standard SOPs to incorporate your business procedures, prepare the VAWD application, and oversees the entire VAWD application to accreditation process – call included in the solution offering without extra charges.


We’ll do the heavy lifting in the VAWD process so you can focus on your core business. By engaging us, you will be able to:

  • Speedup VAWD accreditation – our experienced consultants guide you through the six VAWD process steps without delay
  • Eliminate SOP gaps and errors – our robust and comprehensive SOPs are VAWD tested
  • Maintain and grow your business – protect your business relevant to OptumRx


We can help you achieve VAWD accreditation quickly to protect and grow your current and future business. For questions, inquiries, and quotes, please call 248.973.2008.