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LSPediA Serialization Toolkit

LSPediA Serialization Toolkit enables large companies to manage their

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serialization project and on board CMOs quickly. It enables small and medium size companies to speed up serialization implementation with clear and easy to understand critical path for packaging, CMO, and IT. This Toolkit comes with robust and proven serialization methods and templates:

  1. Best Industry Practice – Leverage knowledge from decades of experience and million dollars of investment
  2. Step by Step Deployment – Guide your implementation with 100% confidence. Help focus your efforts most effectively at each stage of the deployment.
  3. Comprehensive Library– Navigate confusing regulation and shortcut complex execution with prebuilt templates and examples.

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Product Features

This toolkit provides all of the crucial information on regulations, strategy, line execution, CMO management, and employee training required to get your business up to speed on Serialization. By utilizing this toolkit, you are guided by the industry best practice in implementing serialization.



New regulatory rules and industry standards are still evolving. This toolkit functions as your dedicated expert resource who provides the crucial information and solutions to help you meet the evolving requirements. It is a great alternative to hiring new employees or consultants. It is a great alternative to hiring new employees or consultants. The LSPediA Serialization Toolkit brings many benefits:

  • Save thousands – eliminate hidden cost
  • Do it right the first time – no failures
  • Robust master templates – tested and proven
  • Complete compliance – no regulatory gaps
  • Fast-track by 6 months – starting from 80%
  • Reduce demand for internal resource – reduce internal workload by 80%

 What is included?

Each toolkit covers a specific country’s essential serialization requirements. No matter which toolkit you choose, you will always receive the following features:

  • Regulation translated to English
  • Business impact assessment
  • Strategy and roadmap
  • Packaging Specification
  • CMO Specification
  • Training Videos



 Why Use a Toolkit?

By selecting one of our Serialization Toolkits, your company can rest assured knowing that you are getting the best possible training on serialization while saving time, energy and money:

  • Built out standards
  • Best industry practice
  • Risk mitigation
  • Develop well-trained, qualified employees faster
Toolkit Values

toolkit why we work


 Tailored for Your Business

All of our Serialization Toolkits come custom-tailored to meet your business’s needs. Serialization strategy, training and execution can be specialized in way that makes sense for you:

  • Strategy & roadmap customization
  • IT infrastructure
  • Budget planning
  • Online or in-person training
  • Implementation and project plans



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