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To handle serialized products in compliance with DSCSA, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and dispensers must adhere to a number of business requirements. LSPediA helps customers meet complex mandatory system capabilities with robust enterprise solutions.



shutterstock_248156353RxChain is an interoperable Track-n-Trace and serialized supply chain solution from LSPediA that is fully compliant with the United States’ Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements for serialization and interoperable data exchange. RxChain enables multi-channel serialized data collection from both integrated data feeds and automated barcode scanners. At receiving, a built-in workflow performs serialized quality inspection before receiving the inventory and accepting the data feed. At shipping, units and cases are scanned-out and their data captured for future verification and reporting. In addition, the RxChain verification function allows downstream trading partners to verify serialized products at their source without building out an elaborate data warehouse.

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shutterstock_249579982Serialization is not a simple undertaking. New regulatory rules and the required processes will impact your entire organization, including IT, R&D, warehouse, manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution, as well as how you interact with partners and vendors. The LSPediA Serialization Toolkit is built on industry best practices and can be deployed at your organization as a customizable template, regardless of which country you operate in. That means every stakeholder in every line of business can be equipped, trained, and prepared to implement a serialization process within your company.

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