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Global Markets: China

In this video Riya explains some of the key unique requirements for serialization in China. China has been very aggressive in its approach to serialization and requires serial numbers on all packaging levels, among other strict mandates.





Global Markets: South Korea

South Korea has previously published a list of drugs that must be serialized by the beginning of 2015. In this video, Riya explains when South Korea will begin adding even more drugs to their “Essential Drug List” and what serialization methods will be required of those drugs.




Global Markets: Brazil

Brazil has many upcoming serialization requires. Companies within Brazil must have at least three lots serialized by December 10, 2015. In this video, Riya explains when the remaining products in Brazil must be serialized and highlights the differences within Brazil’s required “Medicine Registration Numbers.”





Global Markets: Argentina

Argentina has some interesting serialization requirements that are left up to the manufacturer. Watch the video to hear Riya’s explanation of what barcodes are accepted in Argentina and how documentation must be handled.





Global Markets: Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority passed a requirement for printing 2D barcodes on pharmaceutical products in April of 2013. In this video, Riya explains Saudi serialization requirement deadlines that have passed earlier this year while also highlighting some new deadlines that are quickly approaching.




Serialization Global Market Summary

Getting your company compliant with serialization requirements can be a daunting task. LSPediA Business Analyst Matthew Morley explains some of the key requirements that companies both small and large are facing and welcomes you to contact LSPediA today to give your serialization compliance project a boost.