Customers who have improved their businesses through LSPediA

Joe Barna – Chief Financial Officer

“For us the biggest challenge was the complexity of DSCSA and finding out where a company our size gets started. That’s where LSPediA stepped in.”




“LSPediA develops a clear cut, thorough process that helps a company our size easily define our goals, then work to implement them. I would have no issue to recommending LSpediA to be the project leader in the implementation of DSCSA and Serialization or any other ERP solution a company is looking to develop. We appreciate what they have done.”




Joe Cascone – VP Operations

“What I appreciate about LSPediA is the flexibility and accessibility. I know when I call Riya, she is going to be at the other end of the phone.”




Kenneth Riester – VP Supply Chain

“LSPediA was very good about keeping things on task, for instance if there were vendors that fell behind on the project plan. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the take-control mentality that Riya brings, leading the team on weekly calls and watching the EDI and warehouse installation processes.”



“After performing a Gap Analysis with LSPediA we were able to see clearly where we were at and where we needed to go. We added some real important projects to our timeline and I would seriously recommend contacting LSPediA to perform a Gap Analysis for your company.”




Wes Edwards – VP Finance

“LSPediA is very present in every part of the serialization process and they have become a trusted agent in our business.”





Brad Allen – IT Director

“We don’t have a staff large enough with the sufficient knowledge and experience to take on a serialization project on our own, so we utilized LSPediA’s knowledge and now we basically have the workforce and knowledge of a much larger company because of it. It has been a really great relationship.”




“We had great accomplishment in projects we could not have otherwise done on our own. I would say I definite recommend LSPediA. They have been nothing but spectacular for us.”





Brad King – Compliance Manager

“When you have different departments responsible for different functions of a serialization project, it helps to bring in a 3rd party that can get you going in one direction. Through my experience working with LSPediA, I can say that they are, well organized, and they get you in the right direction to meet your goals.”



“The number one challenge was getting a clear understanding of the regulations surrounding the Drug Supply Chain Security Act… the number one benefit of working with LSPediA for me would be direction on where we needed to go with our technology in order to get in line with with the regulation.”




Marc Bonner – Senior Director Operations

“We were able to work with LSPediA in order to successfully complete our serialization and DQSA project for the 2015 launch.”





Kellie Herrod – Assistant Controller

“Any of our team members, be it is from the accounting side, warehouse side, compliance side or QA side, LSPediA has always had an answer. Where we all have our own expertise in our department, LSPediA has all the expertise in all the departments. They able to pull the best out of all of us.”




“EDI has had its issues, which was a challenge we were trying to overcome for the last two years. With the help of LSPediA we were able to overcome these challenges.”






“LSPediA has been able to answer all of our questions, especially in relation to what would be most cost and time efficient.”




Karen Lane – Corporate Controller

“LSPediA kept us focused on the timeline and objective and made sure we knew what the future looked like for DSCSA.”




Kirk Rogerson – Senior Manager Logistics

“It has been a great experience. LSPediA helped us see what we were lacking and also what we excelled in. Riya has been a wealth of knowledge.”





Ed Patel – ERP Project Leader

“LSPediA makes life a lot easier for me as manager of the ERP project. Working with Riya is like having a tour guide that goes a step above, they are a partner and they’re in there working with you.”


Abnan Sabir – QA Manager

“Without LSPediA I could tell serialization was going to be a huge task for us, especially without all of the knowledge they have in both the regulatory and technical side. LSPediA has been a big help to us, they are very knowledge and keep themselves up to date on industry information.”