Joseph Barna

Joe Barna – Chief Financial Officer

“We have come a very long way since we engaged with LSPediA in this project. We would not be anywhere near the goals that we have set for ourselves as far implementation goes without their help.”

LSPediA has a track record of completing DSCSA projects efficiently and on time with several pharmaceutical companies. We strive to custom-tailor project plans to meet your company’s needs and get you to compliance while saving both time and money.

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ERP, EDI & Warehouse Solutions

Kenneth Riester

Ken Riester – VP Supply Chain

“LSPediA was very good about keeping things on task, for instance if there were vendors that fell behind on the project plan. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the take-control mentality that LSPediA brings.”

Getting the IT infrastructure right can be challenging but it is critical to any serialization process. LSPedia strives to ensure that your legacy systems transition smoothly into new ones with little to no interruption in daily warehouse operations.

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Brad King – Compliance Manager

“Through my experience working with LSPediA, I can tell you they are knowledgeable, well-organized, and they get you the right direct to meet your serialization project goals.”

Explaining to CMO’s exactly what your company needs and getting them on board with your serialization project can be a difficult process. At LSPediA, we utilize our project management skills to help mediate that relationship, making sure that your company is provided the best resources in CMO Specification, Management and Audit.

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Serialization Gap Analysis

Kellie Herrod – Assistant Controller

“We have benefited greatly from LSPediA’s ability to keep us on task and meet DSCSA deadlines while pulling the team together. LSPediA is leading us where we need to be and pulling the departments together.”

Sometimes, simply getting started on a serialization project can be tough. It’s essential to make sure that you have the correct strategy and roadmap for serialization implementation from the beginning to save both time and money. That’s where LSPediA steps in.

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Vendor Selection

Brad Allen – IT Director

“LSPediA is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to regulations in the pharma industry and that has helped us a ton. Between LSPediA and our own staff, we have been able to overcome all of our project’s challenges.”

Selecting the right vendors is an essential component to any successful serialization implementation project. At LSPediA, we utilize our years of knowledge and experience in the field to ensure that you are choosing the vendors that best suit your company’s needs.

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