LSPediA is a leading provider of enterprise supply chain software and services in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s supply chain software RxChain and Serialization Toolkit are used by manufacturers and distributors for:

    • Track and Trace
    • Serialization
    • Serial Warehouse Management

    Utilizing LSPEDIA soultions, customers can meet the FDA’s DSCSA requirement and the global serialization requirement as well as achieve operational efficiency for healthier bottom line.

    Who We Are

      LSPEDIA is a cloud software company with its research and development in Detroit, Michigan and Grand Rapids, Michigan. LSPEDIA’s solutions are developed and supported in the US and hosted in the US in a FDA compliant qualified environment by LSPEDIA’s data center partners.

      Our customers are pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, 3PLs, pharmacy chains, and healthcare providers.

      LSPEDIA enables customers to serialize prescription drug products, manage serialized product supply chain, and control reverse logistics while meeting the DSCSA requirements, GMP requirement, and the global serialization requirement.

      LSPEDIA Company Profile


        Advancing pharmaceutical industry through solutions, processes, and innovation.

        We Believe

          – Creating value for our customers is the ultimate reward for ourselves.

          – Process ownership is the foundation of high performance.

          – The future is shaped by the vision of the process owners.

          – Our impact goes beyond our own boundaries.

          – Never forget our social and environmental responsibilities.


            Discovery – Every solution starts with the discover of issues, problems, and areas for improvement.

            People – A successful project requires employee buy-ins and process owners.

            Process – Improve process is the root of all improvement.

            Measure – It’s essential to identify measurable outcomes and collect outcome data.

            Technology – Deploy technology as part of the process.


            Riya Cao


            22 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and the technology industry. Mrs. Cao defines and executes strategies to enable and optimize processes for compliance and breakthrough business results. Ms. Cao held management positions at QAD Inc,  Ferndale Laboratories, Caoware, TRW ISCS, and Lagotim.

            Key Members

            Vickie Price

            Regulatory and Quality

            Thirty plus years of pharmaceutical experience in areas of spanning dehydrated culture media (vaccines), semi-solids (creams, lotions, ointments) manufacturing and supply chain operations, Ms. Price is the head of Regulatory and Quality at LSPEDIA. Prior to LSPEDIA, she held leadership positions in the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical services companies.


            Jason Gillette, CNPrx, CDR, DRIC

            Professional Services

            Mr. Gillette is a life sciences executive of 17+ years experience in regulatory compliance, quality, and supply chain operations. He holds licensure and registration by 50 state U.S. Board of Pharmacies (BOP) as CDR.

            Julianne Jahn

            Customer Service

            Customer service is an integral part of LSPediA’s customer value. Ms. Jahn strives to build trust and strong long-term relationships with LSPediA’s customers. In her role, Ms. Jahn is deeply committed to ensuring a successful outcome for every customer.